CIM el Camp


It is located between the municipal areas of Reus, Tarragona and la Canonja, right on the junction of the AP-7 with direct access to the A-7 and to the T-11. The first phase (western sector 42.2 ha), is already urbanised and has new companies set up or in the process.
The CIM el Camp will be extended in a second phase (eastern sector) of 39 ha, currently under urban processing. With the second phase, the CIM el Camp will become one of the largest logistics centres in Catalonia. Adjacent to the CIM there is the Tertiary Activity Park, with an excellent location for offices, equipment and services.

The CIM el Camp has received the first VERDEGBCe Certification that has recognized the environmental commitment of logistics centres. It's converted so at the first logistic centre of Spanish country has received they environmental distinction, than have demonstrated your engagement with high level of sustainability standards.




CIM el Camp, geographical coordinates
access: longitude east 1° 11' 0.15937"  latitude north 41° 8' 1.50669"


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El Camp Tertiary Activity Park


The CIM el Camp Tertiary Activity Park is an area of business, tertiary and commercial activities perfectly located between the cities of Tarragona and Reus.
Entities are already set up such as the Tarragona Water Consortium, and the Catalonia Emergency Centre 112 (CECAT).
In the second quarter of 2010, activity is expected to begin in the new CECAT headquarters currently under construction, and which will have a total ceiling of 8,000 m2.


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CIM el Camp service area

Virtual image of petrol CIM el Camp

This service area will be located on 7,800 m2 of land at the foot of the A-7 freeway, on the entrance to the CIM, and with direct access in both directions.
Construction is expected to begin in 2010 and activity will start in early 2011.
It will have a central building of a constructed 800 m2, of which 200 m2 will be devoted to commercial uses and 600 m2 of ceiling will be used for a cafeteria and restaurant, which will have a large parking area of 1,200 m2 for 60 places.
The petrol station will have two different fuel supply areas, one for cars and the second for industrial vehicles. The facility is planned to provide alternative fuels such as ethanol and gas, and there will also be connections for electric vehicles.
The service station will be open 24/365, and will be constantly staffed.


Extension of eastern sector

Eastern sector expansion CIM el Camp

The extension of the CIM el Camp (eastern sector) will involve a gross 39 ha in the municipal area of Tarragona which, added to the 42 ha already urbanised in the first phase, will make a total 81 ha of logistics and service land.


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