CIM la Selva


It is located between the municipalities of Vilobí d'Onyar and Riudellots de la Selva, at the point where the Mediterranean corridor (AP-7 i A-7) and the Transversal axis (C-25) cross, next to Gerona-Costa Brava airport.
With a gross surface area of 22.5 hectares, at the beginning of 2009 it brought together 15 companies generating 160 jobs.
The CIM la Selva includes the Airport and Logistics Park, where offices, a hotel, equipment and services will be set up.




CIM la Selva, geographical coordinates
access: longitude east 2° 46' 11.76803"  latitude north 41° 54' 5.40604"


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Airport and Logistics Park of Girona

Parc Aeroportuari i Logístic de Girona

The Airport and Logistics Park of Gerona will give this area near Gerona airport new services and equipment which will provide added value to the area.

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