Management Policy of Cimalsa


The performance of CIMALSA affects society and the environment in a multifaceted way.
The logistics centers, once in operation, have a positive contribution to the economy of the territories and favor a more efficient and globally sustainable freight transport.
Likewise, however, logistics centers also cause regional or environmental impacts at the time of its development and construction which should be minimized as far as possible.

CIMALSA has different characteristics as a company that often involve the need to find the delicate balance between seemingly opposing positions:

It is a public company that operates in a fundamentally private sphere of activities.

Is a property developer that manages common services for their clients once installed.

It is a small firm dimension which has the will and ability to influence beyond its narrow field of activity.






Commitment to customer satisfaction with the functionality, and quality of the logistic centers and continuous improvement.


Commitment to personal and professional development of its employees, encouraging their participation and involvement in the company's goals.


Commitment to the best possible integration of logistics centers in the territory and the environment.


Commitment to environmental efficiency and pollution prevention in the activities of the company and promote these values ​​to others.


Commitment to equal opportunities and mutual benefit with suppliers and contractors.


Commitment to transparency and accuracy of information provided by the company.


Commitment to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the logistics system in Catalonia and, by extension, the whole economic fabric, even joining forces to promote and consolidate Catalonia as a reference territory in logistics in southern Europe.


Commitment to act with respect to the public interest, applying the commitments, standards and guidelines of government bodies and other membership requirements.


IQNet Certified Management System

AENOR registered company 9001


Certificate number  ES-0608/2012

List of services


In the process of continuous improvement, Cimalsa approved in 2011 the Management Policy which is available in the new List of Services management centers, which are established principles, commitments and services offered users, owners and businesses in the centers.

List of services (catalan language only)