Intermodal Freight Services Development Committees


What is iFreightMED ?


iFreightMED-DC is a project framed in the trans-national MED cooperation programme - financed by the European Union - with the principal objective of promoting multimodal and rail freight transport by encouraging relationships between actors (hauliers, ports, operators and administrations) in the Mediterranean Corridor (RFC6).

Within this framework, a strategy has been defined to improve regional competitiveness through the consolidation of efficient freight transport services from a multimodal and rail perspective. That is, a strategy to increase the rail freight transport market share as well as to optimise the logistical potential of our territory, taking our ports into account.

In this sense, 10 managing partners and 2 associated partners have been mobilised from the five Mediterranean Zone countries (Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) led by the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Specifically, the members of iFreightMED-DC are:
Catalonia: Department of Territory and sustainability (project promoter), the Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya, CIMALSA and the Catalan Chamber of Commerce. Also participating in the project follow up are the Port of Barcelona and the Port of Tarragona;
France: The Languedoc-Roussillon Chamber of Commerce and Aglomeration of Perpignan and Economic Center of Saint Charles;
Italy: Port of la Spezia;
Slovenia: Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Koper;
Croatia: Croatian Chamber of Economy;

The project follows 3 working lines: the identification of the principal issues and the respective requests and recommendations, the development of pilot initiatives and the creation of Regional Multimodal Services Committees.

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Manifesto to improve competitive multimodal services in the Mediterranean Corridor

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Accompanying Document to the iFreightMED Manifesto:
10 measures to improve competitive multimodal services in the Mediterranean Corridor


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